Aug-25-2012 (#8087) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

'Free Syrian' Terrorists Cut Open Prisoner's Necks- 'Activists' Film Aftermath, Accuse Government Of Massacre **Warning Graphic**
الجيش السوري الحر الارهابي ياسر 16 رجلا ثم يعدمهم بابشع طريقة ذبحا بالسكاكين ثم الناشط الكاذب الارهابي يصور المجزرة و ينصبها الى بشار الاسد

Sixteen men allegedly from the Syrian security are captured and paraded on camera. Later, some gruesomely disfigured bodies are 'discovered' by 'activists' with their necks cut open in semi-beheadings. The nature of the cuts suggests that a small knife was used and was unable to cut through the tough spinal cord at the back, which is left hanging as the captors may have been too impatient to remove the heads fully. The 'activists' blame Assad for a 'massacre'.

Credits to youtube user 3TimeToFightBack for discovery of the fake massacre video and confession. The translation and annotations are by C-A-T. The translation is a word for word rendition.

Video 1: The aftermath showing six dead men with throats cut. The victims which can be identified positively with those in the 'confession' video are numbered. They are identified on account of distinctive clothing which is

  • Victim 1 wears a white shirt with a black T-shirt underneath
  • Victim 2 wears a white T-shirt with a black stripe running across the middle
  • Victim 3 wears a black T-shirt with red arms and coca-cola written on the front
  • Victim 4 wears a blue T-shirt
Also not positively identified at 0.05 when the clip begins is a man with a striped T-shirt who cannot be seen in the 'confession' video. However, in the confession video one man is hidden behind an armed captor and only his head can be seen.

Also not positively identified at 0.34 is a light skinned young man in a black T-shirt. He is probably the light skinned person wearing black in the bottom right of the 'confession' video, but because there is another person (darker skinned) beside him also wearing black he is not labelled for certain.

Video 2: The 'confession' video, with the same men in distinctive clothing numbered.

In this way you can see how fake 'activist' videos of government massacres are created. You can see an actual example of a beheading conducted by the 'Free Syrian Army' at

Barbaric Ramadan Beheading Of Prisoner By 'Free Syrian Army' **Warning Graphic**

A similar massacre posted by 'activists' was also confirmed as an Al-Qaeda mass execution. See

Kidnapping And Mass Execution Of 25+ Soldiers And Civilians In Halab- June 22nd 2012

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Feb-3-2013 (#25570) By: rebecca jones (points: 7, rank: 1191)

nearly right. there were 7 bodies found but the throat cutting wasn;t a case of a small or blunt knife, its a form of cutting, seen in algeria during extremist violence in the 90s. its intentional, its significance and meaning though im not aware of.

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Aug-12-2014 (#72219) By: not worthy - Id: CTMXvgpRDU

You can hear him cough up some slime and then spit... on a body(3rd in sequence for spitting noise) ofcourse. Btw you can tell by the measure of "respect" they show for their "fallen countrymen".) By their behavior i can tell that they have killed before and are not bothered with it. On the contrary:bragging about it seems to be their blasfamous ways. islam is Christianity reversed/ reversed like in magic= yes we can:thank you satan(small example)also the music records with reverse satanic prayers. and then the circles at the stone in mekka. Making a spell requires a minimuim of go a rounds. thats basic knowledge in magic
Every man,woman and child is in my prayers that they may see the truth and repent with all their hart. i would give my life for each one of you,because i am already lost. Thats the least i can do as a son of YAHWEW. Peace and love for all. Build your palace with God,not here on earth. i am not worthy of thy mercy oh my beloved Father,

Sep-4-2014 (#74741) By: Shawn Lazarus (points: 3, rank: 2547)

I am glad to know that somebody brought up the name of the POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, YAHWEH....

Sep-18-2014 (#76784) By: rossi123 (points: 7, rank: 1415)

it just shows how backward these scum bags are

Oct-2-2014 (#78026) By: prodrop1989 (points: 3, rank: 2738)

Ther not backwards

Jul-23-2012 (#5551) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

'Free Syrian Army' Extremists Enter Church Forecourt And Spread Flag Over Steps
ما يسمى بالجيش السوري الحر يدخل حوش الكنيسة في حماة و يرفع علم الشيطان امام البوابة انظروا يا عالم انهم يزعمون انهم من الطائفة النصرانية لكن باب الكنيسة مغلق و لو كانو من الكنيسة لقد رفعوا العلم من اعلى مكان في الكنيسة و ليس امام الدخل انظروا يا عالم كيف يضرون النصارى و الله حرم ذلك على المسلم

A faction from the 'Free Syrian Army' in Hama enters the forecourt of a locked church and spreads their flag on the steps before the door. Notice how the church is closed. Had they been Christian worshippers they would have placed the flag on the highest point on the church, but because they had no access they spread it over the steps. Christians have been widely attacked and driven out by the 'Free Syria Army', and in some areas they have been given ultimatums to leave by extremists. Islam forbids the Muslim from harming Christians among them, but these rules have been disregarded by the 'Free Syrian Army' and Al-Qaeda.

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Nov-3-2014 (#81530) By: GABRIEL CALABRI (points: 9, rank: 1188)

ASSAD FLAG GREEN- WHITE - BLACK . The new flag took the coloured red-white-black bands from the Arab Liberation flag and the stars on the flag were changed from red to green in order to restore the pan-Arab colours. The two stars represented Egypt and Syria.

Jul-21-2012 (#5405) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

'Free Syrian Army' False Claims Of Attack By Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Probably Tear Gas)
A video falsely claiming attack by 'chemical weapons' has been circulating widely on sites hosting videos of the 'Free Syrian Army'. One such post has been titled

ضرب سوريا بالسلاح الكيماوي دير الزور Chemical weapons Syria 20-7-2012

It is a blatant propaganda lie. At most it shows the effects of tear gas. Not quite a weapon of mass destruction! But the deluded 'Free Syrian Army' is trying to take its lessons from the Iraq invasion it seems! Perhaps they are waiting for USA, UK and France to invade because they themselves are a good for nothing bunch of terrorists who cannot defeat the Syrian Army!

A related video showing how delusional the 'Free Syrian Army'/Al-Qaeda can be seen at
Al-Qaeda In Syria Reports Chemical Attack By Bashar Al-Assad After Witnessing UFO In Sky

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Jul-23-2012 (#5531) By: Guest user - Id: w3nTod7NxQ

If they claim it, use it!

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Jul-18-2012 (#5200) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

Fake Video Of Damascus Explosion Which Killed Ministers فيديو كاذبة تفجير الامن القومي دمشق
A video out in circulation claims to be the bombing on July 18th 2012 which killed the Defence Minister and other high level officials. It is in fact a fake which has been circulating since July 13th:

It is recirculating as the Damascus explosion, for example at the following links, and is going viral getting posted many times over, so don't be fooled!

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Jul-14-2012 (#4844) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

'Free Syrian Army' Takes Out Brain Of Victim Of Terrorist IED- Before And After
الجيش السوري الحر يمثل بمخ الشاب بعد موته يخرجونه من راسه للتصوير في حي الكرامة حماة

المقطع الاول: الشاب حي ياخذ انفاسه الاخيرة و تخرج روحه

المقطع الثاني: الان مخه على الارض و نعلم ان المخ كان في الراس في المقطع الاول لان الشاب يحرك يديه

المقطع الثالث: المصور يقول ان عبوة ناسفة انفجرت و نعتقد ان الشاب كان يحملها

Only in 'Free Syria', what happened next when one of the 'Free Syrian Army' IEDs explodes in obscure circumstances killing at least three people. It is believed they were carrying the explosive when it exploded prematurely. The area is in Hama, Kiramah district, which is a 'Free Syrian Army' stronghold without a presence of Syrian government security. July 14th 2012.

Video 1: the man in blue is moving his arm, the cameraman states that he is taking his last breathes before dying (literally saying, his last breathes as his soul departs). This is the BEFORE video.

Video 2: the same man wearing blue, with the same water bottle beside him, and same bike, this time he is dead, being manhandled, and with his brain on the ground. This is the AFTER video. People are not chickens, when the brain comes out, they don't move their arms, so in video 1 his brain must have been in his head.

Video 3: the general scene, showing a third dead/dying person in addition to the two in the previous videos. The cameraman states that an IED exploded انفجار عبوة ناسفة.

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Jul-14-2012 (#4847) By: Guest user - Id: pSzRNt1fa6

Don't carry bombs and cycle.

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Jul-16-2012 (#5021) By: Guest user - Id: .bCTceovgY


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Jul-17-2012 (#5072) By: Guest user - Id: vigkwhsXec

Fuck religion.

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Aug-12-2012 (#6927) By: martiansarepunk (points: 266, rank: 50)

How does one sexually penetrate religion, In order to accomplish such a task? :)

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Apr-28-2013 (#31853) By: meteorologist (points: 42, rank: 256)

Religion has nothing to do with this, Only brain fucked stupid and power hungry idiots can do this to their fellow beings. Not realizing that time is going to close in on everyone out there.

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Jul-10-2012 (#4459) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

'Free Syrian Army' Films An 'Angel' Picking Up A Dead Boy الجيش السوري الحر الارهابي يزور فلم ان الملائكة مع الارهابيين
الارهابيون يصورون رجلا و يحمل ولدا اصيب بالرصاص في الفوضى من سببهم ثم يقولون هو ملك ههههه لا والله ان الله لا يحب الارهاب و لا يرسل الملائكة للقتال مع اهل الارهاب دمروا بلاد الشام

You may laugh, they filmed a man picking up a boy and posted it online to announce to their gullible supporters that the angels are fighting alongside the 'Free Syrian Army'. And this shit video is the proof by the 'Free Syrian Army' that the angels are on their side!!!!! Hillary Clinton should pay close attention to her friends in the 'Free Syrian Army' if she wants to oust Assad!!!

Oh come on you fools, that is a man. God is not going to send angels to help you destroy everything and turn Syria upside down!!!

The clip is introduced by a TV show where the hilarious video is discussed by a very dumb 'scholar' and also a twat from the 'Free Syrian Army' in uniform. The terrible fake angel video begins at 1.38.

One of the posts showing this fake angel video is on youtube titled ملائكة تقاتل على خيول بيضاء في سورياmeaning "Angels fighting on white horses in Syria".

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Jul-12-2012 (#4577) By: Guest user - Id: u0U0wwK8Qs

别跳了 反对派! 另外 美国消停吧。。。别在做反人类的动作了

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Jul-12-2012 (#4579) By: Guest user - Id: xuB0qN3HZ.


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Jul-12-2012 (#4589) By: Guest user - Id: LBW1vFF2l6


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Aug-22-2012 (#7843) By: Guest user - Id: 4lKymu9QbI

GOD surger can be any where

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Apr-6-2013 (#30016) By: Guest user - Id: .Rgqwjpmhw

@ the owner of this video

Why are you lying. I know the preacher in the video. his name is SHeikh mohamed arifi. And i know arabc and he is not talking about the fake angel video. And also the news report, they are not talking about the fake angel.

I dont know what your goal is. But i have exposed your lies. Now let us see if you delete this comment. You scum. Why are you are lying? they are obvicious not talking about angel in the video. if so why dont i hear MALIKA (word arabic for angel).

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Jul-10-2012 (#4447) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

Terrorists Fake Shelling Of Building Using Bomb الارهابيون يفخخون المنازل و يدمرونها بحي القصور
الاخوان المجرمون يصورن المنزل الذي قامو بتفخيخه و يدمروه
سؤال بسيط كيف عرف المصور ان قذيفة المدفعيه سوف تصيب هذا البيت بالتحديد الذي وجهه كمرته عليه
هذا اكبر دليل اهم هم من يقومو بتفجير المنازل بعد تفخيخها لاتهام الجيش السوري بقصفه
و نلاحظ اننا لم نسع اي صوت لقذيفه مدفعيه او هاون قبل التفجير و هذا اكبر دليل انه تم التفخيخ ثم التفجير
الفيديو مصور من قبل عصابات الاخوان المجرمين في حمص و الذين يطلقون على انفسهم بالجيش الحر

A bomb is used to blow up a building for the cameraman who is waiting and calmly watching the spot that will be detonated. July 3rd 2012

Last modified: Aug-26-2013

Jul-9-2012 (#4345) By: Chemical-Attack-Tree (points: 150, rank: 86)

Mexican Beheading Video With Chainsaw Stolen By Al-Qaeda In Syria قطع رائس مواطن سوري بالمنشار الكهربائي
Still circulating for many months after being stolen by Al-Qaeda, showing their peculiar envy and fixation with the Mexican narcotic video. This time it has been uploaded by a youtube user with the explanation that the video was made by 'Fahd Bin Laden', using the emblem @ Torabora on the video!

The video has been redubbed in Arabic to accuse Bashar Al-Assad of the beheading. The 'Free Syrian Army' and Al-Qaeda are notorious for fabrications and their information is on the whole highly unreliable. They follow a misguided tenet that at the time of war they are required to pump out lies, and as with all things they don't do it in small measure when they think they have to do it.

The original title of the video is قطع رائس مواطن سوري بالمنشار الكهربائي which translates as "Cutting the head of a Syrian citizen with an electric saw".

Among the uploader's other videos are اسامه بن لادن اودعكم بدمعات العيون which translate as "Usamah Bin Laden, I promise you tears of the eyes". Another is ابو مصعب الزرقاوي سنخوض معاركنا معهم translating as "Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, we will enter into battles with them". The latter was a reference to the fight against the US occupation of Iraq, which was not jusftified because the case of WMD was itself fabricated. That fight continues today, with Al-Qaeda continuing to fight the new Iraqi government which was born through the US invasion. The fight against the US intervention has spread to Syria, where the same factions fight to cause chaos taking their cues from the US Department of State which suggests wrongly that the Syrian government can be overthrown through terror.

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