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Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Video Used By Syria Al-Qaeda Propaganda القاعدة تزور فيديو اعدام في سوريا استخداما فيديو اعدام بالمنشار من ميكسيكو
Horrific Mexican drug cartel execution and beheading of two men with a chainsaw and dagger is now being circulated widely by the "Free Syrian Army" as proof of Alawites beheading Sunnis in Syria. The video is well known and also just as well censored, no serious social networking websites allow it to stay up when detected. This is how this clip becomes useful in the propaganda war, depending on the fact that few in Syria and other Muslim countries will have seen this, and many who see the clip will believe the fake title and respond to the false call to jihad to save the honour and lives of Muslims in Syria. The "Free Syrian Army" is heavily dependent on this false jihad call.

The video in the current clip is posted at titled "Innocent Syrians People killed BY chainsaw electricity and These are Bashars Shabiha". It has been dubbed with a false soundtrack in Arabic, and comments have been blocked for obvious reasons so that viewers cannot point out that it is fake. The video is circulated on multiple acounts due the likelihood of being flagged. Another example of this video being used by the "Free Syrian Army" propagandists is at It has the title قطع رقاب اهل السنه بالمنشار "Cutting the necks of Sunnis with a chainsaw". The full video has been cut down by the propagandists to edit Mexican speech, and sound has also been removed from some parts.

The video description then reads

حقد المجوس على اخواننا اهل السنه في سوريا "The hatred of the Magi for our Sunni brothers in Syria"

الى متى السكوت يا حكام المسلمين .. ماذا تنتظرون "Oh Muslim governments, for how long will you remain quiet? Why are you waiting?"

انا لله وانا اليه لراجعون "To God we belong, and to God we will return"

In reality, the majority of the Syrian army is Sunni, reflecting that the majority of the Syrian population is Sunni. Some top posts may belong to Alawites, but the overall composition is overwhelmingly Sunni. And these are the people who are rejecting the fight of the "Free Syrian Army" who are regarded as terrorists connected to several extremist Al-Qaeda groups.

The video actually shows an uncle and nephew of the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel being executed (named as (Barnabas Gamaz Castro and Felix Gamez Garcia). See

You can see another example of a fabricated FSA video at
(Graphic- Free Syrian Army Drags Body Around City In Barbaric Display- April 25th 2012)
In this case, the FSA/al Qaida cut the clip to exclude the commentary of the terrorist while he is cursing Bashar al Assad, and while he says this is what they will do to all of Assad's followers just like that man. See the full unedited version on the link above.

Yet another preposterous and fake "FSA"/al-Qaida video has appeared @ (Syrian Fake Video Exposed- Muslim "Man Burried Alive" With Dubbed Soundtrack)

You can find links to even more crazy faked "FSA"/al-Qaida videos at;comments=1#comments

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